Between Potter and My Dad

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Between this two, which one is special in my life? Of course it will be my dad. Only man that I love the most.

Actually im writing this as a tribute to my dad. He bought me something i deadly wanted which is Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows by J.K Rowling. This is the last book for Harry’s series and I’m looking forward to know how this story ends as I had read all the 6 books before. Actually I only read 3. Starting from Goblet. The 3 books before, Im not really interested to read it as Ive seen the movie. The Sorcerer’s Stone is my fave and I watch it more than 10times so, u can expect me to know the script by heart. I watched it for so many times time because I like the story and also because of the cuteness of Dan. But he proved that beauty is only temporary. Im not his fan anymore. Im just a fan of Harry. But not Dan Radcliffe. To me, his no longer cute like when he was 10years old. too bad, heh.

My daddy bought me this 7th book when he went to KL and I didnt even know he went to the capital. Yeah. He went like around 9am and already back at home at 9pm. Technology made the world small. I do agree on that! After dinner, I saw this thick but not lame book on my bed. Huh.. So touching. He bought it without me asking him to do so!

So there, 831 pages waiting for me. Im on my way reading it. Special thanks again to my dad. Love You So Much!!.

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2 thoughts on “Between Potter and My Dad”

  1. awwh ur dad is so awesome, doing things like that.

    well ive read the 7th books (over and over) it’s fantabulous but I gotta say book 5 was better. Can’t say too much, u’re reading it now hehehh

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