End of Episode, Begin a Chapter

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Yesterday Ive left URS to futher my study in another university. I guess its not dat interesting to be in Degree of Dullness(Major House Chores), Faculty of Boring in University Rumah Sendiri.

Thanks to God, I’ll continue my journey in Degree of English, Faculty of Language Studies, University Darul Iman Malaysia. My class will start today and my belly is a bit awkward due to the increasing of adrenalin(hope i do get da correct hormone)and my pray, is that everything will be okay.

Im not looking forward to bring my laptop, so I wont be posting posts as frequent as before although I got an interesting topic(hope it does) that waddles in my head now. But, need to wait up for that as Ive someting to focus on now. However, I’ll always log on like every 2days.

Wish me luck, happiness, and bless from Allah.

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