Lovely Memories

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For my friends. Hope y’all enjoy and like it

p/s: kindly leave ure cmments after wtching. juz want to noe sape yg tgk. thanx

sory klu ad yg xtmsuk gmbr. gmbr dlm komp ni lmited

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17 thoughts on “Lovely Memories”

  1. a very very very very nice video for our unforgetable memories.
    luv it soo much ! thanks.
    neway, caption 4:42 xleyyyy blaaaaa!!

  2. muke aku sikit sgt nih.
    patut letak yg form 5 jgk. evergreen sikit.
    hehe, anyway,thanks.
    [naseb baik aku xnangis tgk mendalah ni] hoho

  3. hzrh: tq. ng ak xbnyk.

    izan: ak da tulih kt post tu. ak ad gmbr sket je.. bnyk gmbr kt lam komp ak hop rsok. phtu mse ak wt tu, tenet rosok. jd ak xle nk ambik yg kt lam fb ng bebo sbb kt 2 wbste tu, ad gmbr mse koloh lu

  4. sme lmbt je donlod..dan tgk belas2 saat je, so far comey video ni..tkenang zaman dlu2..hihi,manisnye kngn skolah..ak ad byk lg gmbr, wt se lg la.heheh

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