Are You A Good Blogger?

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I often think about this. Well, I don’t think so (berbelit ayat). The fact is, my followers are only 29. On the other hand, I myself am too lazy to click on the ‘follower’ icon but I do link the blogs I like in my blog list so that I know if they update their post or anything. I guess what I do, I get back. Means= less followers!

I just clicked on a blog of a celebrity, Hanis Zalikha. I’m promoting your blog, here. You owe me. Hahaha. She had 5000+ followers. Ola!! But, again, I just link her blog from mine. No need to click on the F icon. Am I that bad? Well, I categorised myself as an unknown follower. On a good side.

What makes you a good blogger? Lots of hits? OJustify Fullr what? Does it matter? But, it’s something to be proud of, if you’re one. As long as you’re happy with blog, that’s okay enough. Again, I ask myself. Am I happy with The Chronicles of Nadhirah? Somehow, the title looks lame. and the layout is dull. I love coloured stuffs, but my blog describes I am a colourless. Huh.

The good thing, about having a blog and of course, an always up-to-date one, is that you can see your changes. I don’t even remember when did I enter the life of a blogger. Though seriously I can check. Used to have other blogs before this, but who knows what happen to them. I forgot the password. That’s the reason. I noticed I used to copy-paste posts with the intend of sharing. But, that doesn’t show originality. And I used to use lots of Malay with Terengganu dialect. Somehow, now I prefer using English. First, to improve my writing. That’s the main reason. Totally worried about my writing skills because you don’t write an English essay every week though u’re an English student. Second, I like to read blogs written in English to improve my own English. So, I guess there’re others that have the same thought as me.

Look at my blog address. Is it an okay address? It looks dull. But, I don’t want to bother myself changing it..

Lastly, guess what? I’ve assignments to do. On commenting journals. But, how did I end up writing a post? Life is a mystery. I know it’s a silly answer. You don’t have to tell me for that part.

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