Feeling Satisfied?

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I used to like sensitive people. But then, when confronting one, it irritates me for a person to be sensitive on things that I think that he/she does not need to feel so. Soon after, I got to know a person that is less sensitive. And I also found it is irritating for a person feel nothing of something that he/she should be sensitive about.
Then I realised. Human is not perfect. And it is me that should have to adapt things and learn to accept that we are all humans. I was too much thinking of others to satisfy me while there’re those out there who does not satisfied with myself. It is ourself that we should look at first. But, though we’re not perfect, we should try to be one. Improving ourself and hoping that others are satisfied with us. And most important; whether Allah is satisfied with us.

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Satisfied?”

  1. Salam,

    yes, it is hard to make people satisfied with us but I do agree with you that we have to judge ourself first before judging others. May Allah bless you….My cute sis….

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