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A beautiful date isn’t it? That happens only once. Lucky the date is my birthday date for this year. Giving me memories that last here in my heart and mind.

Thank you for all the wishes via phone calls, SMS, facebook wall posts, messages, and comments. And not forgetting the presents too. Really made me smile..

Actually I’m not looking forward for my birthday. 21 is something. To me, it represents maturity, adulthood. Huh.. I feel so grown-up being 21. Even the government are willing to trust me in choosing the right party for election. Though the fact is I hate politics. People expect from you more when ure 21.

There’re millionaires at 21 out there. And there’re those who memorizes the whole Quran before reaching 21. I guess at times I do waste my time. Unable to judge which one is more priority. Maybe 21 is a good turning point. And a turning point is only once in a lifetime. So, dont bother to make a turn, if ure not serious about it.

“Roses symbolizes love. And the beauty of the roses will fade through time. However, I hope that our love will be eternal where the beauty and the warmth is always there”.
Btw, I would like to share with you all a useful video on mistakes during prayer.

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2 thoughts on “011110”

  1. semoga dgn 21-tahunnya kamu ada di dunia ini menjadi pengalaman yang mana [email protected] ke alam dewasa penuh dgn dugaan, hadapi berbekalkan ilmu yang penuh didada.

    risau jadi dewasa? xpe, semua tu blh belajar sikit2.y pntg hadapi segala rintangan mendatang dgn akal fikiran org dewasa.hehe…

    —<@ —<@ —<@

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