Taufan Melanda

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When I was in Glasgow, I used to experience hurricane. I lived in 40 Rosemount Street, one of the 20 tallest building in Glasgow. Very nice residence with kind housing concierge on the ground floor, good view of Glasgow as the building is tall and on a hill. A nice playground also available for the residents here. The building is 71.90 meters and have 25 floors. But the lifts are only up to 24.
There was this time. A hurricane hit Glasgow. But I’m not sure whether it hit the whole Glasgow or not. As I lived in a tall building on 21st floor and the building again is on a hill, made me really felt the hurricane. That night my family went to Pakcik Razak’s house. Residential block besides mine, so we just walk. When we want to go home, we saw a caravan upside down, blown by the hurricane. It was really scary. And to go to our building, we needed to go through this hurricane. Somehow when the wind speed slow down a bit, we ran for our life and managed to be in our residence safely.
The next day was a school-day for me. So, I went to bed early. Like 11pm. When I was on my bed, I looked up the ceiling and realised the bulb was waving mad! It kinds of excites me as I have not seen anything like that. And the tables in our house were moving left to right. Infact, our building was waving like a flag (but not that wavy). Mumy was obviously freaking out, and called the concierge and he told us that the building was designed to be able to wave in such way. And the building can bend to 45 degrees to avoid it from collapsing. Quite a building! And I saw in the news the hurricane was more than 100mph.
Ok. Jika anda berada di luar ketika taufan melanda sambil memegang payung, apa akan terjadi?
a) Anda akan terbang macam Mary Poppins
b) Anda akan jatuh
c) Anda kekal berdiri tegak.
Halaju udara yang lalu di atas payung lebih tertinggi berbanding halaju udara yang sebelah dalam payung. Halaju tinggi menunjukkan tekanan rendah. Oleh itu, tekanan yang lebih tinggi yang dalam payung (halaju rendah) akan menolak payung ke atas. Menyebabkan, anda sebagai pemegangnya akan terbang juga!
Fenomena ini berdasarkan prinsip Bernoulli.

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