Resizing photo/ scanned file

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Recently, I applied for a programme and the application was via email. The problem with email is there is a limit for attachment which for gmail is 25MB. And the documents I scanned was so big like 4.8 MB each file. I can’t use a third party such as yousendit because this is a formal application for a programme and the problem with yousendit, the file that we send can expires at a certain time.
Luckily, my friend gave me an idea to use Paint application and resize the scanned file. I took hours dragging the photo of my passport and other files. Dragging is just a manual way. It was midnight, then I realised there is a Resize icon in the Paint app. How could I not knowing that? Huh. It took me only 10minutes to resize all the attachment files. Using the Resize icon, you can just put the percentage of the file size that you want. Like you want it to be 50% smaller, 60% smaller or 10% bigger. My 4.18 MB can be 870KB.
1) Open photo/ scanned file
2) Right click to ‘Open with’ – Paint
3) Resize/ Ctrl+W
4) Insert percentage
5) Done!
So, no more problem. I know I’m really bad with computers as I rarely fidget with technologies nowadays. But, through experience I learn though really stressing.

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