Sunway Theme Park

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Last semester holidays, my family and cousin~Azareil went to Sunway. 20 minutes from Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. We thought we want to be there like at 9 a.m. But, turned up to be around 11.30 a.m.

Azareil (Ariel) has a private tutoring teacher. Somehow, there had been a misunderstanding and the teacher turned up in the morning. As we were about to go out for Sunway. He was like, “alaa…”. Looking lumpy too see his teacher Siva. He was so afraid that he couldn’t go and need to have his tutor. Lucky for him, his Mom said his tutoring will be tomorrow instead.

There are two packages to enter Sunway. Ha. Here’s a friendly reminder. Bring your Mykad everywhere you go. You’ll find out later why. Back to Sunway packages, there are five types of park in Sunway. Water Park (for sure), Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park.

Package 1: Access to all parks. Adult RM100 and Child RM 80. With MyKad, the price will be Adult RM 75 and Child RM60.

Package 2: Access to Amusement Park, Wildlife Park and Water Park. Adult RM80 and Child RM 65. With MyKad, the price will be Adult RM 60 and Child RM48.

I left my handbag in Bukit Jelutong, thinking that I don’t need to drive. So, no point to bring my license. And I’m out with my family, so no need to bring money. Meaning, don’t bother yourself to bring along your purse or handbag. At the ticketing counter, there are two staffs. A staff that asked what package you want and how many people will be, and another staff will be in charge giving the tickets and handling the cash.

We took package 2. 3 adults and 1 child. Since I didn’t bring MyKad, my ticket will be RM 80. We need to show our own MyKad at the first staff. But the second staff charged RM 60 for me too. I do not know whether it was her mistake or she was being kind. But, it’s not everyday that u’ll have your luck isn’t it. Btw, kids below 90cm can enter for free!

There are shops selling foods and drinks when you enter the park. So, don’t bother to bring along your own food and drinks. You’ll regret it. Why? Ariel told me, that there will be staffs checking our bags to make sure there’re no food and drinks. I laughed and told him to relax. It’s not like we’re handling with customs or anything. I was wrong, clearly. Our Ribenas and Mamees need to be put in the car. Locker costs RM5.

I know this is one of the marketing strategy. If they allow outside food, the shops in the parks will hardly have customers. Though the food are a bit expensive, people have no choice but to buy them if they’re hungry. Well, we already eat before we enter Sunway, but still bought a cup of corn, a personal pizza, fries, burgers, nasi goreng, popcorn and other tit bits. So, budget to go to Sunway is not all on tickets. You need to spare RM50 at least for food in Sunway.

However, we do enjoy our time. Though I think we do not have enough time to go to all rides that was included in our package. 11 am to 4 pm was not that enough. So, if you want to take the 5 parks package, you need to reach there earlier.

Thinking of bungee jumping? Come to Sunway. Surfing? Also available here! Pretty cool… More information, click here

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