Heart for Clues on Aircrash

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Have you ever heard of ‘Black Box’? The first time I heard this term was during my primary school years, when Allahyarham Tan Sri Yahya had a helicopter crash. I heard the adults saying they should find the black box, giving me a picture that if a person manage to be in the black box, then the person will be save. Simply, I defined black box as a box for passengers to hide so that they can be safe whenever a crash occur to their plane/ helicopter.

It was like two-three years ago where I found out that the black box is actually orange. I think they have their own reason to paint the box orange. Imagine an airplane crash occur. It lands onto a house where it kinda explodes. Having the box in orange makes the thing easier to spot when all the metals at the place are pitch black!

Some information on black box, it records data on cockpit conversation and the settings for the plane such as speed, altitude. So, when a crash occur, people can investigate using the information that has been taped in that black box. It rarely damaged. I wonder what kind of metal it is made of.

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