Difference btw Boeing and Airbus

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Boeing and Airbus are both popular in airlines industry. I used to think they’re just the same, carrying people from place to place. Malaysian Airlines have Boeing and Air Asia use Airbus.

In terms of technology, here’s a big difference. I mean their approach. Boeing have technology for the pilot to work with it. I mean, technology in Boeing planes are designed to make pilots’ task easier. For example, instead of having to push 10 buttons to take-off, it will be reduced to 5 buttons.

However, Airbus believe that many air crash happened due to human failure. So, Airbus planes have technology that leads the pilot. I mean technology has more control to the plane compared to the pilot. Something like that.

Which one do you prefer? If you don’t rely much on technology, u’ll choose Boeing. But if you believe in human failure, I’m sure u’ll pick Airbus.

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