Nokia: How to Break Security Code?

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I found my mother’s phone that she used 3 years ago. I thought I want to give it a shot, by switching my sim card and see whether it can still be used or not. Alas, I forgot the security code. Man! I forgot the code which is not surprising at all as I forgot the phone’s model as well. HereS what I did to break the code.
Every phone has it own IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. There are two ways to find out IMEI number.
1) Press *#06#. A 15-digit number will appear.

2) Take off the battery’s phone and you will see a sticker of IMEI number on the phone’s body.
When you already identify IMEI number, click here to calculate your MASTER CODE for your phone.
Enter the master code (10-digit number) as a replacement when your phone asks for the security code. Good luck!

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