BEN: Intro Semester 7

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This semester’s subjects are: Error and Contrastive Analysis, Critical Thinking, Research Methodology, Public Relations and Media Writing, Translation, and Statistics to Communication Research.
We will not have final exam for Critical Thinking and Research Methodology. Good or bad news? Depends.

(kalau gaya ni jawab final, 4.0 flat lah)

Next semester I will be doing a project paper. Individually. I don’t know what topic I want to do my research on. I have so many things I don’t know. Seriously, mim.alif.lam.sin untuk buat project paper. Nak fikir tajuk, cari data, macam banyak karenah. Kalau research sitoplasma daun jambu best juga. For sure, that will be rejected. Walau tak berminat dengan mana-mana topik pun, we must be positive!
Konon nak sambung terus PhD lepas degree. Nak jimat masa belajar. Tapi dengan ilmu sekarang, rasa macam yikes! Boleh ke aku? Tapi kalau kita tengok, orang kat luar sana yang dah berjaya sekarang tu, dulu mula dengan zero juga. Hidup adalah pilihan. Kita yang pilih nak jadi macammana. Aja-aja!
Yesterday, a lecturer asked our class on our ambition. That will be a doctor. Lol. I want to do PhD but not that interested to be a lecturer. So, that doctorate will be for? No answer. (as usual). What’s the need to be a government servant when there are government servants who quit being one in order to focus on Avail. So, do I need to be a government servant. Again, no answer.
My dad’s previous research assistant (R.A) was a first class degree student. She directly continue to PhD and now she is on leave. Too much stress? Mumy said PhD students who are mature (in terms of age) usually can handle doing the PhD better. That’s a negative and demotivating story. Let’s ignore. Today, my lecturer also told me that 50% master and Phd students didn’t get their master or PhD. Again, ignore. Ignore.
So, what’s ure future career? Are you considering to further your study after graduating? Keep that answer to you or feel free to share in the comment section. Btw, lecturer is not the only career for BEN students. Corporate figures? PR officer?

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