Life in My View

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Yeah, it is so tough to go through the hard times, but have you ever wonder that life is nothing without all that? You can only feel the sweet essence of success if you go through the hard times. It’s like you can only appreciate and see the delicious taste of real milk after you are given an expired milk. I have been tolerating and sacrificing a few things to get what I want. Although when I achieve I didn’t get fame or anything, the satisfaction is there. For me, it’s fine to weep when you striving so hard for something. As long as what you are aiming will give someone a smile. 

But there are also things that I want that requires time in order to get it. So I cry hoping for the sun to shine after having long rainy days. One of the worst part in life is to achieve what you can’t control. But, I have Allah who knows my dreams. So, I start letting him do his part after I did mine. I  believe that He will make my dream a reality when He knows that I’m ready. He knows me better than myself.  After all, He created me!

For those who are out there, don’t ever give up! Do work hard on your part, and then let Him sort things for you. He plans the universe very well, so planning a human life is so easy squeezy for Him. Just sharing a peace formulae…..

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