A Bit About Future

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“Seorang jutawan, akan berfikir 10 tahun ke hadapan”- Irfan Khairi. Umur dia belasan tahun, dia dah set untuk jadi jutawan masa dia 20-an. Dan umur 25 dia dah jadi jutawan. 
Do you see the point of setting target, and plan your work through it. Saya sendiri kadang-kadang tak pasti dengan apa saya nak. Dulu saya pernah berimpian untuk terus ke PhD dengan kelayakan kelas pertama ijazah. Tapi dapat feedback negatif dari ibu bapa (berdasarkan pengalaman mereka). *down*
Oleh itu, saya berhenti berfikir mengenai apa yang saya akan lakukan lepas grad Jun nanti. I know I’m living aimlessly which is so not good. So I had an informal discussion with Momy Dady.
Seems that I will further my study to Master level. And maybe involve myself in business. Yeah, 5-figure income is in my wishlist. Dulu pernah nak kerja luar negara tapi bila dapat peluang baru ni, lepaskan macam tu je. Well, I try to do things that makes my parents happy. InsyaAllah decisions made with reason of Allah and parents, will be good for me. I believe in that!
There are those who said, if I have a 5-figure income I will do this and that. I conclude that not many of us are good in handling money. We get 10k, 5-6k is the maximum to be spent. Cash money may have inflation. But not properties. They are assets. And of course, asset for both world, and hereafter. Only if one knows how to use it in the path of jihad…..

Having targets are important to shape our life. We may not reach all of it, but at least we are on track. 
Targets have to be in all aspects to be a COMPLETE MUSLIM *working on it*.

Yeah, I feel better I now have targets again… Alhamdulillah

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