The World is Circle

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It’s been quite a time. I am super busy with my tight schedule. So, I try to make my updates short. I want to share with you something that I thought about recently. 
The world is a circle. I give you a few examples. 
1) Polka dots fashion
2) Big cameras
3) Cameras that pop out photos immediately after snap
4) Big handphones
5) Beyblades
6) Tudung bawal
7) Basikal
Last weekend I accompanied my lil cousin buying a beyblade. This toy was around when I was primary 6 and that time it was much-much cheaper than now. I bought him a beyblade and I tried to flashback my memories. The beyblade that I played during my childhood days never reach RM 10 each yet nowadays there’re beyblades that reach hundreds of ringgit. And beyblades during my time is way way better as I love to make the toy hit the wall so that there’s a flash of light appears due to contact of metal towards hard wall and previous bey blades also much bigger in size.
I was like, if I knew all along that the world trend is circle-like, I will be buying all those when I was in my childhood years and I sell them now with a cheaper price compared to the current price. And I will be like so rich. Woha!
My advice: Don’t be a fashion/trend victim. It takes you nowhere.
Nak mula taip proposal utk join venture dgn syrkt Kodak. Kot-kot 2020 nanti Kodak jadi trend. 

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