How My Blog Crashed!

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Perasan tak? Semua gambar habis hilang (kecuali gambar dr website). Bukan masalah lambat loading ke apa ye.  Ok, since someone asked me on this, I will explain here. Last two nights, i explored my dad’s Galaxy Note. And then, to use Market app, I was required to log in via gmail account. So, I did. And then, I realised, when I open the phone gallery, all  pictures in my blog was in the phone. Seems that, the phone was trying to show me by being smart with synchronizing. So, I dont like my pictures in this blog to be seen in the gallery of Samsung Galaxy Note (since it’s my dad’s). Therefore, I deleted the pictures.
It was the next day, a friend asked me, “what happened to your blog?”. I was like, ” err what? why?”. Then I soon understand that all pictures in my blog posts, header, links are all gone. How would I know? I was just deleting pictures in the gallery folder. Tak berkait dgn Blogspot! This pretend-to-be-clever-phone went too far in these synchronizing issue. Lagipun, mana la tahu benda synchronize ni semua kalau selama ni guna telefon yang sekadar call dan sms je. paling maju pun, ambil video!
I tried to track the deleted pictures, but couldn’t. Anyone have any idea? I really hope that I can restore the pictures. There are all memories and my blog looks quite dreadful now. Macam blog tak siap! *kecewa frast habis*
Many those outhere are wishing for a Galaxy Note. Well, after this incident, I know for sure, I don’t want such pretend-to-be-smart-kinda- phone! Nokia 3310 aja….
p/s: I hope I won’t quite blogging…

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