Flashback: Why UniSZA?

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Hoorah! Alhamdulillah I just completed my personally-funded degree. Bachelor of English (communication). Lets do some flashbacks on how did I ended up here in Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) for 4 years. 
Actually, UniSZA was not on my list after all. Since secondary school, my dream IPTA would be UIA. Well, even I don’t know what is the attraction of UIA. Sebab kumpulan Inteam belajar situ? It might be due the religious surrounding. Infact, I did got the offer. But for the 2nd intake and that time I was already in matriculation (KMPh). My parents just made the decision for me. I still remembered:
Mom: Dapat UIA ni, tak payah gi lah kan. Elok dah duk situ (KMPh).
A question but seems a decision already. Ya, aku agak teragak2 nak bantah apa yang mak ayah cadang untuk aku lebih2 lagi hal masa depan. And I actually cried after that seeing my dream just went away easily like that. Lucky, a dear friend was with me- Aina, giving all those kata semangat, “alah. mu jangan tinggal aku sini. ok je mu duk sini pun”. Actually, my parents’ plan was to wait and see. I mean if my matriculation’s result turned out to be positive, medical field will be my future. And yet, my results were pffttttt….. Mode: frustrated, depressed, upset. (i was hoping to end up in medical field too).
With a not so good result, I applied for UniSZA. Yes, matriculation taught me that I could not bear being away with my parents. I lack of love though it was my mom who was really desperate to see me every weekends. And I have this guilty feeling of menyusahkan mereka walaupun aku tak suruh dia orang datang. Which explained that, they miss me too *wink2
So, UniSZA- Bachelor of English was my first choice. That time, UniSZA offers 3-year degree (turned out to be 4). So, that’s quick. And with a bonus of being able to see my parents everyday. Why English? English is the only subject that never fails to keep me smiling when looking at the grades since primary school. I never get B in that particular subject and that subject was responsible for giving me awards every year in school. Dapat jugak merasa naik pentas 🙂
To make myself a star, i knew that English is the field that I had to be in. Well, the application didn’t go well. The matriculation CGPA did not include English. And selection was based on CGPA. I got UTeM- Computer Science. I was like, ergh! This means mathematics and oh my! Malacca? 
When everyone was busy registering for IPTA, I was at home. Buat surat rayuan untuk UniSZA juga. And somehow the Dean of Faculty Languages and Communication accepted me for 3rd intake. Psychologically, 3rd made me felt, “nampak cam corot sangat je aku sampai masuk panggilan ketiga.”. Well, people didnt say that. It was myself. The negative part of me. That’s why its important for us to be in positive environment, to release all those negative within self and substitute it with positive ions.
Alhamdulillah. I believed my heart before. I was meant to be in this field though I love science. It is a matter of performance. English had made me a ‘star’ again. I was awarded as the best student for several semesters. Actually, I dont care much on the award, but what I care is my parents. I just want to make them happy with my achievement. Ahamdulillah alhamdulillah. Semoga pencapaian ku diberkati.
Now, I see the flow of my life. The bad things happened for a reason. Which increase my percentage in believing in Allah. I trust him. I trust him in sorting things out for me in my life. 
Like the late Steve Jobs said, “dots dont connect forward. Dots connect backwards”. You can understand further by watching this short video. One of my fave video. Inspiring!

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7 thoughts on “Flashback: Why UniSZA?”

  1. it is great to see you be able to write again. *well not that your jari sakit ke apa kan..hehe..but hey.. write some more. it would not make you a loser.haha..btw, it is nice having to know you. Thank you for these 4 years. friends eh?

  2. akak, tumpang tnye. cmne nk buat surat rayuan unisza ye? sbb 2nd rayuan sy pn xdpt, sy btul2 nk ke unisza. harap akak dpt tlg. tq 🙂

  3. Anonymous: apply for diploma ke. masa ptma kali isi hri tu isi apa yg pilihan pertama. skrg ni 2nd intake pun xrmai dpt sbb tmpt d unisza penuh. xcm dlu. skrg tmpt 50, 49 org d[t first intake. maka 2nd intake hnya available pd seorg shja. sgt sengit saingan. sbb tu masa first time isi kna buat unisza first choice jika nak g unisza.

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