Food review: Fullhouse

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Assalamualaikum. Yesterday it was our classmates’ birthday. So right after class, we went for bowling and dinner. It was an early dinner for me, which was at 5.30 pm. To have healthy lifestyle occasionally, is acceptable ๐Ÿ™‚
We went to Fullhouse. Its a nice cosy house-like place. Everything in place, with Korean theme. My pal once labelled me in loving Korea. Well, yeah. I do love Korea. But only after I visit it, and I love the place. Not the industry.
We asked the helpful waiter to lend a hand in snapping photo. He had no choice but to treat us nicely. We worth a lot to the restraurant. 10 customers okay!
And of course what you will never do with family, but do with friends is: mingling and nosing around. There a corner full of Korean stuffs such as Tshirts, hat, cap, glasses, handbags. But we made it like props for us to snap photos. We were like a pack of kittens playing with stuffs in a corner. Haha. 
Btw, the guy in red, is the birthday boy. 
And to think a restaurant, have a fitting room? Yeah. There it is. The fitting room for customers. Tangkap gambar sudah… You see all those furnitures? Nicely set. Fullhouse yang ni di Setia City Mall. I know there are other branches, but im not sure where. You can easily google it. 
The food are okay. Mi kari is 4 out of 5 star. Western and asian cuisines are available. This is not an advertisement. But something that I want to share. The photos were too lovely. Dalam telefon, tak cuci2 gambar. Maka, simpan di sini saja. 

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4 thoughts on “Food review: Fullhouse”

  1. @akmal: kurus ke? woha. ak ke printscreen n tjuk kt die r.
    alamat kedai tu ke. ak dh edit da ๐Ÿ™‚ lebih2 mklumat tny google. malas plak ak buat marketing percuma. haha

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