Korea Trip – Story of Kim Chi

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Alhamdulillah. Just got back from Seoul, Korea. Since Korea is leading with Kpop and Korean dramas, it had been my dream to visit there. Simply, i love South Korea. 

South Korea is a well developing country, nice weather and lovely people (and clean toilets). I have enough water in my body during this trip since i do not have to worry in going to public toilets. 

Well, this post is about Kim Chi. Yeah i went to Kim Chi school. Kim Chi is one of the popular traditional food in South Korea. It is like belacan where every meal, they must have Kim Chi on the table. 

Actually there are many types of Kimchi. The most traditional one is cabbage kimchi. So lets make it!

Kim Chi school is a necessary stop if ure visiting South Korea with a tour group.

How Kim Chi is made? First the cabbage is put in salt water for 4-8 hours depending on the weather. Then wash the cabbage. Mix radish with chili powder. Wash the cabbage, and mix with the chili powdered radish. 

Left hand: salted cabbage. Right hand: chili powdered radish

We’re so focussed in mixing them to get the flavour right.
There’s my dad enjoying himself. Excited doing his own meal.

After mixing, fold the cabbage neatly. Compare mine with my dad. He need extra work- i think!

Once done, put in the fridge. The longer u put in the fridge to be fermented, the sour it becomes. There is no vinegar used, but it does taste a bit sour. Only fish sauce been used. 

We had fun doing it. Btw, our instructor spoke Malay. She instructed us very detailed like as if we’re going to make these in Malaysia. But belacan and kerabu mangga are too awesome compared to Kim Chi. Some managed to produce neat Kim Chi, while some errrrr… turned up like my Dad’s. Sory Dad. But pictures worth a thousand words. 

I made Kim Chi. But i didn’t eat it. Well, i’m not being fair enough. As i didn’t give myself a chance to taste it. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂

*tiba2 tulis b.i lak. maklumlah tengah buat assignment sbnrnya.

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4 thoughts on “Korea Trip – Story of Kim Chi”

  1. Hai Nadhirah!

    Awak pun blogging ye ;). Salam perkenalan.

    Rasa x kimchi sotong masa kat kimchi school ni..well sedapp tp sotong tu mentahhh hikhik..kembang tekak jap..

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