My First Kitten

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Assalamualaikum. It has been a long silence. Its not that ive nothing to write about, but posting blog is my least priority thing to do. However, when Im scrolling down my posts, I found that its lovely to record these memories. I know my blog aint that popular. But reading ure stories again is definitely something.
So here I am. A mother of a Persian kitty. One night I shared a photo of a cute kitty to my cousin that I found in Facebook. And the next day, we end up buying one, after my cousin look through for a decent one. There was this kitty rm700 in Sungai Buloh.
It was about 20 minutes drive from Bukit Jelutong. It wasnt that far. Actually this guy has a house full of cats. All persian, different colours and sizes. Well, it was smelly with those poops.
But there was this cage full of kittens. And I chose one. We want a female one. And that particular kitty Ive picked is female. It was RM650. (My jaw dropped although we already got discount)
RM650 for a kitty is expensive to me. But i think, its cheaper than buying from pet shop. So rm650 was divided between 4 people. Me, Kak Anis, Areil and my Aunt.
Having this kitty is quite challenging. Teaches me to me responsible. This kitty likes to be fed. So I have to spend my time to feed it with milk. Lucky it can eat by itself..
By the way, Areil asked what to call this Persian. Came out with few names. But I suggested Ginger. And we end up call it that. GINGER suits its colour well.
Since before I only have fish, I need time to understand Ginger. And yes, I did ask a lot of questions to the experts. Somehow at times I do felt like this is somesort of tutorial for me to be responsible to a baby.
So the photo describes Ginger. And I also like the name Simba. But let save that name for Ginger’s baby or perhaps ure pet. Okey?

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