Web Shopping Nile.com: Scammer?

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Assalamualaikum. Siapa kat sini pernah shopping online? Saya dulu jenis nak pergi kedai, tapi kadang-kadang ada benda yang susah nak cari di kedai. 
I heard about Nile.com. The price in this website is kinda cheap. I somehow fond of a jacket. Rm40+. I ordered size L. But, when it came to me, it was a bit small. So i asked for an exchange. I filled the required form and requested XL. I had to pay rm6 for the shipping fee in order to deliver the later one.

When I received my parcel the one that I requested for exchange, it was still size L! Unbelievably, Nile.com deliver the same size. I made a complaint (of course). They asked me to pay (again) rm6 for them to deliver the next one. Btw, it was not my mistake. And again I had to return what they deliver (so that means I needed to spend another rm6 for postage). On the second thought, my jacket is no longer cheap now.

Reading the refund procedure, I decided not to take the risk of Nile.com delivering the wrong parcel anymore. I just want my refund. My rm40+ are turned into points so I can use it for my other purchases.

However, when I wanted to use the points, there was a limit. I only could use around Rm6 for each purchase. Kenapa tak boleh guna sekaligus kan? It was my own money on the first place. Bukan voucher ke apa pun! I was frustrated. Nile.com made me feel that it is a trick for them to make customer purchasing from them. I dont know about you. But i felt cheated.

So, my advice to you. If you want to redeem, better don’t. I read the reviews, there are those who said the services were okay. Based on my personal experience, they deliver fast. But the services were not as I expected esp on redeem issue. Hope they improve in the future.

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